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Sunlight Suite: Introvert's Heaven In Cameron Highland

 Sunlight Suite: Introvert's Heaven In Cameron Highland

I told myself I'll not revisit Cameron Highlands since it became so crowded, busy, and overdeveloped in recent years.

I might have changed my mind after I found this beautiful hidden gem.

Honestly, it really is challenging to find a place that ticks all the boxes for an ideal introvert's getaway in a touristy place like Cameron Highlands.

With lots of research, you can and for me, that place is Sunlight Suite.

Going on a long weekend, I already mentally prepared myself for the infamous non-moving weekend traffic jam in Cameron Highlands. 

"Going to Cameron on a long weekend?! You crazy ahh?!" my friend said. 

But to my surprise, the traffic was pretty smooth. It also helps that I departed quite late from KL (3pm-ish) via Tapah route and reached Sunlight Suite around 7pm. 

Little English Cottage In The Tropics

Moonlight Bungalow
Picture credit to
Sunlight Suite fits Cameron Highland's description of "Little England". 

There are 2 main bungalows on the property, Moonlight Bungalow and Sunlight Bungalow with British-Tudor style architecture. 

These bungalows are suitable for larger groups. If you are traveling solo or with a partner, they also have standard rooms called Starlight Rooms

Gloomy. Like typical English weather. 

Feels like being in an English countryside without actually leaving the country

I stayed in one of the Starlight Rooms. 

Honestly, there's not much to shout about the rooms. They were pretty decent, although quite dated, have basic necessities like TV, water heater, tea coffee making, hair dryer but let's not go there.

The main attraction of this place is the natural beauty of the surroundings. 

The immaculate gardens, flowering plants bursting with colours, the breathtaking view, the cool chilly mountain air. 

Sunlight Bungalow

6 Reasons Why Sunlight Suite Cameron Highland Is An Introvert's Heaven 

1. Away From Tourist Attractions

Sunlight Suite is nestled up on a hill, in the middle between Brinchang & Tanah Rata, far away from major tourist attractions. So you won't be stuck in the weekend traffic jam.

The road to the bungalow is pretty winding and narrow and gets quite dark at night too. 

It's tourist-repellant so no holiday merry-making person would want to come to places like this.

Except for introverts who seek peace and tranquility.

Tips: The direction to Sunlight Suite can be quite confusing. It's very near to Strawberry Parks Resort so you can Google Map/ Waze Strawberry Parks too but keep your eyes out for Sunlight Suite signboard.

2. No Pool, No Gym, No Kids Club, No Coffee Houses/ Restaurants

Without all these common hotel amenities, typical holidaymakers would not choose this place for their vacation. 

It also means there won't be large, noisy crowds. No vehicle noises & fumes. No children running and screaming. 

I won't say it's children-free because there were some kids when I was there but they were pretty quiet and minded their own business. 

You can even pretend they don't exist. In fact, because the property compound was spacious, you won't run into anyone except the staff. 

3. Not Obligation For Small Talks Or Conversations With Strangers

Because of its quaintness, this place mostly attracts like-minded people. a.k.a introverts/people looking for peace and quiet. 

The other guest, in the unlikely event you run into them (which is VERY unlikely) tend to mind their own business.

And the staff are mostly foreign workers so they usually won't purposely strike up a conversation, making small talks with you and just leave you to do your own thing.

The front-desk staffs are friendly, they even call me by name, but are not intrusive.


I mean, which introverts want to spend their vacation days making small talks with strangers right?

4. Quiet And Peaceful

You might occasionally hear traffic noises up the hills but the nature sounds are much louder here. 

In the morning, you'll hear birds chirping while they fleet from branch to branch.

Other than that, you'll just hear the breeze rustling the leaves and the occasional thunder rumbling. 

At night, it's just cricket sounds and almost vacuum-like stillness. 

5. Beautiful, Immaculate Garden And Views Of Misty Mountain

Pack your favourite book/ headphones/ journal/ sketchbook/ camera because you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors on the property's immaculately-kept compound.
I was reading "Quiet" by Susan Cain while introverting. How fitting. 

Sit under this beautiful bougainvillea arch & soak in the surroundings

Things To Do While In Sunlight Suite:

  • Get up early to catch the sunrise - the property faces east and you can see the sun rising gently over rolling hills. Unobstructed view💯!
  • Take a morning walk - Inhale crisp, cool morning air while admiring the beautiful landscape. Oh did I tell you about the birds? They were chirping like no one's business. 
  • Sit in the garden - Benches are placed strategically around the compound for you to just sit & marinate in the surrounding. Meditate, read, draw, journal, or simply reflect on life and its meaning.
  • Have a picnic - Bring your own mat, buy some food and admire the breathtaking view. For a British-inspired afternoon tea experience, perhaps some tea & scones too? And don't forget a blanket, it does get cold from time to time. 

6. Secluded But Nearby To Everything

Although the location feels isolated but actually it's really not that far from the necessities (food, marts etc).

There is no F&B option on the property so you'll need to drive out for food. Just down the hill, is The Smurf's Inn and they have a great coffee house called English Coffee House

I didn't manage to dine here but the reviews are amazing so would love to try it when I visit next.

Just 500m from The Smurf's Inn is a food court where they have coffee places,  typical Malaysian food like chicken rice, fried noodles, western food, and a steamboat place affordably priced at RM35 per adult. 

If none of these is to your fancy, you can always drive down to Tanah Rata or Brinchang town. 

Personally, it's a perfect place for me to recharge and reconnect with nature, away from the heat and hustle and bustle of the city. 

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