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2022: What Have You Achieved This Year?

 2022: What Have You Achieved This Year? What a year.  Was it memorable? No.  Was it monumental? Also no. Did I get to do much traveling? Not really. Did I advance in my career? Also no. Honestly, 2022 is a quite stressful & frustrating year for me, especially in terms of work. When you are busy, stressed, and anxious all the time, time just flies past in a quick blur. Like "What the hell happened? where did all my time go?" Like "I'm getting older but what have I achieved?" And then I would start to compare myself with things I see on social media. Of people posting their life's highlights of career advancement, exotic travels, life milestones of getting married, having kids etc.  When I look at my year from this perspective, it's really pretty bleak. But if I changed my perspective, it's actually not so bad.  1. Grateful for my (physical) health Despite getting covid (like finally wohoooo!), more MCs than usual, and lots of aches here and there
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Sunlight Suite: Introvert's Heaven In Cameron Highland

 Sunlight Suite: Introvert's Heaven In Cameron Highland I told myself I'll not revisit Cameron Highlands since it became so crowded, busy, and overdeveloped in recent years. I might have changed my mind after I found this beautiful hidden gem. Honestly, it really is challenging to find a place that ticks all the boxes for an ideal introvert's getaway in a touristy place like Cameron Highlands. With lots of research, you can and for me, that place is Sunlight Suite . Going on a long weekend, I already mentally prepared myself for the infamous non-moving weekend traffic jam in Cameron Highlands.  "Going to Cameron on a long weekend?! You crazy ahh?!" my friend said.  But to my surprise, the traffic was pretty smooth. It also helps that I departed quite late from KL (3pm-ish) via Tapah route and reached Sunlight Suite around 7pm.  Little English Cottage In The Tropics Moonlight Bungalow Picture credit to   Sunlight S

Perlukah Meal Replacement Untuk Kurus?

 Perlukah Meal Replacement Untuk Kurus? Image: Unsplash/ Nature Zen Sedar tak sedar, kita dah masuk bulan Ogos, 2022 tinggal 4 bulan saja lagi.  Sesiapa yang berazam untuk kurus tahun 2022, sudah tercapaikah azam tu? 😋 Bila kita nak mengurangkan berat badan, 80% adalah pemakanan dan 20% senaman tapi percayalah, 80% pemakanan tu yang paling susah nak buat. Betul tak uols? Diet asyik ke laut dalam saja dan sukar untuk mengawal pengambilan kalori seharian.  Ramai yang cuba kurus dengan mengambil meal replacement tapi perlukah meal replacement untuk kurus? Baca: Nasi Penyebab Kegemukkan? Apakah Itu Meal Replacement ? Meal replacement adalah pengganti makanan yang secara amnya, mempunyai kiraan kalori sekitar 200–400 kalori dan mengandungi protein, serat serta vitamin dan mineral penting yang mencukupi. Macam Mana Minum Meal Replacement Boleh Kurus? Konsep meal replacement ni adalah untuk menggantikan makanan biasa anda dengan minuman rendah kalori yang kemudiannya membantu mengurangkan

Adults Only! No Kids-Allowed Hotels In Malaysia

 Adults Only! No Kids-Allowed Hotels In Malaysia Image: Unsplash/ Muhammadh Samy We love our children yes? Traveling with kids can be fun, crazy but undeniably a little loud and chaotic. So sometimes you need an adult-only getaway with peace and quiet guaranteed. My first experience of an adults-only hotel was  Mama Bella's Retreat in Lombok a few years back and let me tell you, it was the most refreshing hotel experience I had. No running, screaming, crying kids and all guest was just minding their own business, reading & lazying by the pool. For those who are looking to escape everything, including the kids, this list provides you 2 adults-only hotels in Malaysia  1. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Ipoh 15-minute drive away from Ipoh city and 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur, The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is a luxury spa resort built around the beauty of nature. Read:  27 Best Things To Do In Ipoh   With 44 Garden, Water, and Lake villas, it is  the perfect place to pamper your

Feeling Pretty Blah? You Could Be Languishing

Feeling Pretty Blah? You Could Be Languishing Image: Unsplash/ Camila Quintero Been feeling pretty blah lately. Like in a rut, generally feeling like "I just have to get through this week".  yeah, but get through to where? There is nothing to look forward to. Week after week, month after month, it's the same.  Am I depressed or just feeling blah? Naturally, I scoured the net looking for answers and came across  HALT , which stands for: H ungry, A ngry, L onely or T ired, a quick way to assess your feelings. Does it help to identify why am I feeling this way? Nope. Still feeling blah.  Like this person, Sagarika Sinha, an avid runner, who suddenly lost interest in running. “I'm doing okay. I am not sad or depressed, but there is this feeling of dejection that is looming over me,” she says. Yup, this feeling. Have you experienced it? Then I found out that there's a fancy word for this, Languishing  ~ feeling somewhat joyless and aimless.  That's pretty much what

Snoring Partner? 5 Things You Should Have For A Good Night's Sleep

Snoring Partner? 5 Things You Should Have For A Good Night's Sleep Image: FreePik We all know that getting a good night's sleep is essential for good health.  Several factors that cause poor sleep quality include stress, anxiety, drinking caffeine too late in the evening, scrolling social media on your phone right before bedtime, and for some people, sleeping next to a snorer . Read: Things You Should Know About Sleep Deprivation Although snoring is pretty common worldwide, affecting about 57% of men and 47% of women in the US, it can be frustrating and stressful for someone who sleeps next to a snorer.  Read: Why Do We Snore?   Disruptive, persistent snoring may interrupt their sleep and potentially create tension in the household. Stopping snoring by strangling your partner is obviously the most immediate solution, but it’s not always easily achieved.  If you can relate to this frustrating situation, obviously you should get these 5 items to ensure a good night's sleep